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Training & Education

We provide a range of training options depending on your unique organizational needs

Why Choose Training & Education?

We understand what it’s like to long for more in our work. The purpose of our work should lead to more than just making a lot of money. That’s why we developed a practical guide for leaders that explores redeeming the purpose of work and the culture of life in organizations. Training through this leader’s guide equips us to redefine success in a more complete, fulfilling, and impactful way.

Training with The Good Place Institute is a series of workshop-style sessions designed for leaders from organizations of all sizes and sectors. Regardless of your industry or business structure, we help you explore what it means to redeem your work in a way that honors God and follows principles and values derived from God’s Word. Redefining success based on God’s economy has the power to transform our lives, organizations, communities, and the world.

What Does Training & Education Cover?

There is a wide range of training options available with The Good Place Institute. Learn The 10 Areas of Stewarding a Good Place Organization (found in the Leader’s Guide) through individual training sessions or the entire series of workshops. In these sessions, you will learn the methods and tools for building, leading, and operating Good Place organizations found in the Leader’s Guide and how to apply them to your specific context. Training sessions are hands-on, interactive, and can be scheduled to work best for you and your organization.

The 10 Areas of Stewardship

The 10 Areas of Stewarding Good Place Organizations are like pieces of a puzzle that uniquely fit together to reveal a robust, beautiful picture of what an organization can be. They are methods and tools that offer a holistic approach to building Good Place organizations, with each piece connected to and cooperating with the others.

Managing Systems
Stewardship Planning
Financial Management
Managing Innovation
Training, Education, & Development
Managing Internal & External Communication
Managing the Business Formula
Community Engagement
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