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How to build, lead and steward a Good Place organization.

Why Choose Consulting?

Most businesses and organizations struggle to define a purpose that extends beyond the worldly standards of success. The purpose of our work should lead to more than just making a lot of money. That’s why we developed a practical guide for leaders that explores redeeming the purpose of work and the culture of life in organizations. We provide consulting for leaders that guide them in transforming their organizations to become Good Place organizations.

Consulting with The Good Place Institute takes a step deeper than training to provide an in-depth and immersive experience to transform your organization into a Good Place organization. We enter your unique context to understand your organizational needs and help guide you in shaping culture by implementing The 10 Areas of Stewarding a Good Place Organization.  

If you and your organization desire to define and achieve success in a way that values people, positively impacts the community, is economically regenerative, and ultimately makes the world a better place, The Good Place Institute can serve and equip you and your organization with the organizational building blocks to build and steward a Good Place organization.

What Does Consulting Cover?

Consulting focuses on implementation. We help you in developing each of The 10 Areas of Stewarding a Good Place Organization, or a select subset of the 10 Areas, with hands-on guidance and consultation. We are able to tailor a custom consulting package to meet your unique needs for your organization and work within your limitations to schedule on-site or online meeting times.

The 10 Areas of Stewardship

The 10 Areas of Stewarding Good Place Organizations are like pieces of a puzzle that uniquely fit together to reveal a robust, beautiful picture of what an organization can be. They are methods and tools that offer a holistic approach to building Good Place organizations, with each piece connected to and cooperating with the others.

Managing Systems
Stewardship Planning
Financial Management
Managing Innovation
Training, Education, & Development
Managing Internal & External Communication
Managing the Business Formula
Community Engagement
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