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have you Asked Yourself …

What is the Purpose of Work and Organizations?

At The Good Place Institute, we guide leaders and organizations through training and consulting to answer this question, develop a more holistic definition of success, and redeem their work.

We understand what it’s like to long for more in our work.

Many are aimlessly pursuing their work without a deeper purpose. Have you ever thought that there is more to work than making a lot of money? What if there was a way to approach our work and measure success against a different standard? What would it look like to have a vision for valuing people, leading organizations, and impacting communities in a way that makes a difference in the world?

At The Good Place Institute, we believe there is a different way—and it’s truly good.

The Leader’s Guide

The Leader’s Guide helps us make sense of our longing for a deeper meaning of work by developing a definition of success that is significantly more complete, fulfilling, and impactful than what the world offers.

  • Learn the why, what, and how of building, leading, and operating Good Place organizations
  • Explore how to redeem the purpose of work and the culture of life in organizations
  • Redefines success based on timeless principles and values derived from the Bible
  • Learn practical tools and methods to build Good Place organizations

The Good Place Organization Operating System

The Good Place Organization Operating System consists of ten organizational building blocks designed to achieve the three aims of Good Place Organizations. The pieces of the Operating System fit together to reveal a robust, beautiful picture of what an organization can be—with each piece connected to and cooperating with the others. They are proven methods and tools that offer a holistic approach to building and stewarding any organization with a mindset to expand God’s Kingdom in the marketplace and multiply Good Places.

Managing Systems
Stewardship Planning
Financial Management
Managing Innovation
Training, Education, & Development
Managing Internal & External Communication
Managing the Business Formula
Community Engagement

The Good Place Community

Our aim is to create a community of like-minded leaders and individuals who want to be a part of the movement to redeem work, and life in organizations you are a part of. We are excited to be on this journey with you. We have multiple resources to help you stay connected with us and will continue to add more in the future.

Leadership Newsletter

Value-packed and easy-to-read to help you on your leadership journey.

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From our perspective, simply applying traditional strategic planning was not enough to produce the value we wanted. After working with GPI, we changed the way we conducted our business to better value our people allowing them to flourish, we became better aware of our internal systems and their interactions, becoming more profitable but also positively impacting our clients, our stakeholders, and the communities where we do business.

Miguel Gomez

CEO, Transom Group