Community Engagement

We are to build up good places in the community, building up hearts of love and lives of wholeness and fullness, making the world a better place through our organization and the work we do.

The Challenge

A Shared Need

Altogether the world and the people of the world need wholeness, and fullness. We need more of life, more of the world, and more people in the world experiencing life the way God designed and the Bible describes it to be lived. We need communities and people in those communities’ experiencing safety and wellbeing, where people operate with mutual respect and support towards each other. In short, more people experiencing human flourishing and communities prospering.

The Aim

A Tool to Build Up Communities

We see in the Bible that God delegates some of the responsibility for taking care of the world to us. We are created for and to do good works that God prepared in advance for us to do. We are to seek the welfare of all people including those in the community where we live and work. We are to bring God’s Kingdom, and the characteristics of that Kingdom, right now and right here on earth to those around us. We are to build up hearts of love and lives of shalom. We are to make the world a better place.

Therefore, at Good Place organizations, one of the main aims and success criteria is to build up Good Places in the community. Community Engagement is a specifically applied system that serves to build up Good Places in the communities where we work and live by the work that the organization does, the business we are in, the products and services we provide, the skills we build up by the work that we do, and the methods and tools the organization utilizes to build up Good Places. We look into the world where there are community problems that business could solve and/ or opportunities business could address, bringing Good Place to the community where we work and live through the work that we do to earn a living.

The Result

Flourishing People Help People Flourish

The outcome of Community Engagement is the result of a thriving organization that provide people with opportunities to flourish, impacting the community to prosper in all spheres of life and experience, and the world to become a better place.
Commuity Engagement

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