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Training, Education, and Development

We value people through loving, honoring, equipping, empowering, and developing to their full potential. Training, Education, and Development equips people to do the best job they can, and experience a life of flourishing in and out of the organization.

The Challenge

An Organization’s Greatest Asset

We have often heard the greatest asset of any organization is its people. We agree! People desire to be a part of something purposeful, worthy of our efforts and gifts, and bigger than our individual selves. As leaders, we desire our culture and organization to be healthy, continuously improving, and growing in competency, capability, and capacity. People are at the heart of our culture and organizational health, development, and growth.

How are we, as organizational leaders, valuing the members of our organization? Are we providing opportunities for each person to flourish in their role, in their work, in their life in the organization and their life outside of work? How are we equipping, empowering, developing, and growing people professionally and personally?

The Aim

How We Value People

The Bible says that people are created in the image of God. This means we love, honor, value, respect, and care for all people. We could solve many of our organization’s issues if we practice this in interactions with one another. We are designed to work, and work is a means of grace in our lives to make us into something better.

At Good Place organizations, one of the main aims and success criteria is to value people. We do this through training people to do the best job they can do, to reach their full potential, and optimally perform their job role. We educate people beyond job training to include why their role is important and contributes value to the overall purpose of the organization. Education includes career guidance within the organization. We develop people to fulfill their full potential, fulfilling what they can become both professionally and personally.

Practically speaking, we develop thorough job descriptions and role-based training on the Charter of the organization, the purpose and the system the person is working in, and the role they are responsible for performing.

The Result

Flourishing Individuals

Training, Education, and Development values people. The valuing of people is the outcome and result. If we do this well, people flourish and delight in their work. People grow and develop and experience balance, harmony, fullness, and beauty in their life. Work and organizational life takes on a richer purpose and helps grow and fulfill their potential. As individual growth occurs, it simultaneously grows the competency, capacity and capability of the organization.

Training, Education, & Development

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