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Equipping and empowering leaders to build and steward Good Place organizations

How do we practically build, lead, and operate a Good Place organization?

The Organization Operating System

The Good Place Organization Operating System (OOS) is like pieces of a puzzle that uniquely fit together to reveal a robust, beautiful picture of what an organization can be. They are methods and tools that offer a holistic approach to building and stewarding Good Place organizations, with each piece connected to and cooperating with the others. The building blocks of the OOS can be delivered in whole or in part for organizations to implement a Kingdom-minded approach to leading an organization. Together, they provide us with what we need to achieve a Biblical definition of organizational success—what success looks like in God’s economy.

Simply applying traditional strategic planning was not enough to produce the value we wanted. After working with GPI, we changed how we conducted our business to better value our people allowing them to flourish… This has been a journey we have enjoyed, and we look forward to continuing progressing, experiencing shalom every step of the way.

Miguel Gomez

Senior Managing Director, Transom Group

Guiding leaders to redeem their work and fulfill their calling

About Us

We believe there is more to work than just making a lot of money. Most businesses and organizations struggle to define a purpose that extends beyond these worldly standards of success. We equip leaders of organizations to redefine success and join a movement of those redeeming work for God’s glory and our good.