Organizational Charter

God is always purposeful. The organizational Charter is the embodiment of purpose, vision, mission, values, and inspiration. It gives direction, sets tone, shapes culture, and helps to settle disputes bringing unity within the organization. It’s the tool that brings clarity, alignment, empowerment, and accountability.

The Challenge

Most organizations have a vision statement. However, most organizations do not align everything the organization does in order to fulfill its purpose and vision.

Also, is the vision simply a marketing message, or does it clearly describe the purpose, vision, mission, and values of the organization? Is it based on the purpose of work, organizational life, and success based on Biblical criteria?

Once the vision, or Charter, is clearly and thoroughly described, another critical issue is that most organizations have no way of knowing or communicating whether they are actually fulfilling their purpose or not, or if everyone is aligned to the same shared purpose.

72% of Leaders…

believe purpose should receive more weight than profit.

62% of Leaders…

their organizations have a purpose statement.

42% of Leaders…

their organization’s purpose statements drive impact.

McKinsey & Company Purpose: Shifting From Why to How article April 22, 2020

The Aim

The Charter communicates and answers organizational questions such as:

  • Why does this organization exist?
  • What difference will the organization make?
  • What is this organization to achieve?
  • What unique benefits are we providing and for whom?
  • How will the world be different because the organization exists?
  • In what areas should we direct our efforts toward the organization’s growth?
  • What are the values of the organization that guide behavior and culture?
  • Who would be interested in joining this organization?

Once the Charter is determined, we then need to know if we are fulfilling it. We call the indicators of fulling the Charter, Key Outcomes and Results and we build a Key Outcomes and Results dashboard for the organization to monitor the achievement of the Charter, learn why the organization is producing the results it is, and determine improvements that in turn should positively impact the Key Outcomes and Results.

The Charter and Outcomes of a Good Place organization should include valuing people, building up Good Places in the community, and being economically regenerative.

The Results


The internal members and external stakeholders of the organization clearly understand the purpose, vision, mission, and values of the organization.


Leadership clearly understands and can communicate if the organization is fulfilling its purpose and vision by monitoring the Charter Key Outcome and Results.

With a Charter in place…

People understand the direction, the culture, and the criteria for decision–making. Members of the organization, resources, and decisions can be aligned and unified toward this shared purpose and vision.

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