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The Good Place Organization

A Leader’s Guide to Stewarding Good Place Organizations

The Good Place Organization: A Leader’s Guide to Stewarding Good Place Organizations, is written and published by The Good Place Institute. It is designed to be a practical leader’s guide for those interested in learning more or are on the journey of building and leading Good Place organizations where the organization thrives, people flourish, the community prospers, and the world becomes a better place because of the organization.

This book helps make sense of our longing for a deeper purpose for work and organizations by developing a definition of success that is significantly more complete, fulfilling, and impactful than the standard corporate definition focused solely on financial success. It helps leaders with the why, what, and how to apply tools and methods to build up and steward an organization that achieves success defined by valuing people, building up good places in the community, and being economically regenerative.

What Will You Learn?

  • The foundation of Good Place and the purpose and aims of Good Place organizations
  • Organizational principles and values that have stood the test of time and are derived from the Bible
  • The Good Place Organization Operating System (10 building blocks of stewarding Good Place organizations)
  • How to redeem the purpose of work so that organizations thrive, people flourish, communities prosper, and the world becomes a better place
Additional Info
  • The Hardcover is full-color print on the interior (as shown in the product photos).
  • The Paperback is black and white print on the interior.
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  • The Leader’s Guide is also available on Kindle.
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From: $24.99