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At The Good Place Institute, we understand what it’s like to have a longing for our work to make a difference. And we know how it feels to be stressed, busy, overwhelmed, and dissatisfied with it all—you’re not alone! We are building a community of those who seek to be a part of the movement of professionals who redeem the purpose of work. This movement grows because of leaders like you. We believe community is a powerful force in making change, both in ourselves and in our organizations, as we live in relationship with one another and sharpen one another.

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We are developing many ways for you to connect, engage, learn, and join the movement and take the next step in redeeming work and fulfilling your calling. Follow us on social to connect and learn about new resources as they are released.

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Consultant & Advocate Certification Program

Interested in learning how to help leaders build, operate, and steward Good Place organizations? The Good Place Institute trains and develops leaders as certified consultants or advocates who drive change within an organization. Certified consultants and advocates learn how to lead through the Leader’s Guide and The 10 Areas of Stewarding a Good Place Organization. They join the consultant community and are certified by The Good Place Institute to train and coach other leaders or organizations. Advocates are different in that they become internal advocates of Good Place foundations, principles, and values within their organization.

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