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Consultant & Advocate Certification Program

Interested in learning how to help leaders build, operate, and steward Good Place organizations whether as a consultant or an internal member of an organization on this journey?
Equip & Empower

The Program

The Good Place Institute Certification Program is designed to equip and empower external consultants and internal advocates to help leaders build, lead, and steward organizations that desire to be a Good Place.

External Consultants

A leader who is certified to lease and use Good Place principles, values, methods, and tools to help other organizations.

Internal Advocates

A leader who is certified to champion and implement Good Place principles, values, methods, and tools within their own organization.

External consultants and internal advocates will learn the foundations of Good Places, an overview of The 10 Areas of Stewarding a Good Place Organization, and choose which of The 10 Areas they would like to be certified in. You will learn the Biblical foundation for the specific area of interest and how to apply the tools and methods of that area to an organization.

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Consultant Certification