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Mike Hujar

Client and Community Services

Mike has a servant leadership heart and philosophy to serve and support GPI clients, the GPI community of Partners and Consultants, and the organization. Mike has over thirty-plus years working in various sales, marketing, development, and both project and event management roles in various industries and markets, most recently as Entrepreneurial Architect for Good Place Holdings. He possesses strong communication and organization which helps establish and build strong and lasting relationships through being responsive to needs.

Mike is passionate about supporting and helping build up Good Place organizations and Good Place community utilizing The Ten Areas of Stewarding a Good Place Organization both internally and externally. He possesses effective coordination and management skills applied to projects and systems which has helped him to embrace the Managing Systems and Managing Innovation areas of the Ten Areas. His desire is help support how these ten areas integrate with one another to achieve what success looks like in God’s economy, sharing this knowledge with others and to ultimately making the world a better place. Shalom!