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Garry Miles

The Good Place Institute Business & Community Development

Garry serves as GPI Business & Community Development. One of the primary purposes of his role is to provide clients, the organizational community, and the marketplace with awareness of, interest in, and engagement with The Good Place Institute, including our products, services, and solutions to help build up and multiply Good Place organizations.

With a degree in Biblical Studies as a launching point, Garry spent 12 years in various vocational ministry endeavors as a pastor, church planter, and college professor. A continued desire to see the Kingdom of God become more visible and accessible in diverse settings led to a transition to the business world. During this period, Garry was introduced to the world of operating system consultation and immediately saw an incredible opportunity to utilize their efficiency for intentionality around improving the well-being of others. Since then, Garry has remained laser-focused on creating cultures of belonging where every single individual is valued and feels valued. After discovering a wonderful alignment of vision and methodology with the Good Place Institute, he joined the GPI team and our efforts to build as many Good Places as possible, seeking to highlight an exploration of life as God intended it.

Garry lives in Utah with his wife and four children. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, and playing sports.